Upgrader Programme

The FeedbackHall Loyalty Programme

Giving feedback is much more than sharing feelings or experiences; it is also about shaping consumer experiences for the benefit of everyone. In addition to this important benefit, we are introducing the Upgrader programme to drive home the value that we place on the members of the feedbackhall community as well as make giving feedback more fun and fulfilling. This is in line with the FeedbackHall’s mission to connect consumers and businesses to upgrade their experiences, upgrade their economies, and upgrade the world.

Upgrader is a five-tiered loyalty programme that is points-based. Everyone who gives a feedback for the first time is automatically signed up for Upgrader. The programme is automated and integrated in the mobile app, which makes it transparent and easy for you to just see (not calculate) your points. Upgrader allows members to get more benefits as they rank up the tiers. It also offers cool perks, gives members access to a community of like-minded people, and several sweepstakes entries for exclusive experiences.

Engagement Metrics

Members attain the points by performing the following activities which count towards rewards:

  • Completing Profile - 5 points
  • Giving Feedback on products– 2 points per feedback
  • Rating Products   - 2 points per rating
  • Taking Polls - 3 points per poll
  • Following Products - 1 point per follow
  • Getting likes on own feedback – 1 point per like
  • Commenting on feedback given by other users – 1 point per comment

 For every feedback, rating, profile, poll or product followed, you earn some points. As you accumulate points, you attain higher tier membership level which leads you to get higher value for every engagement. When you have attained level 5, you become an Elite and become eligible for more exclusive rewards.



Invitation to FeedbackHall events

Feedbackhall organizes events from time-to-time to promote the mission of the company. Given the nature of the firm’s mission, our events are always organised to be intimate, open, candid and fun. They therefore offer memorable and insightful opportunities for networking, as well as personal and professional development. In addition, attendees are not just going to learn new things but will be enabled to create and expand knowledge as well as discuss and brainstorm with others to find solutions to challenges.

Get Priority consideration while selecting FeedbackHall representatives:

FeedbackHall will be hiring Regional Representatives who are familiar with the FeedbackHall values and goals to represent the firm and further her aims in the regions. They will be responsible for interacting with members and potential members of the FeedbackHall community and for organising FeedbackHall events in their locations. Members and non-members of the FeedbackHall community may apply for this position but in selecting candidates, FeedbackHall will give priority to members of the FeedbackHall community.

Benefit from the FeedbackHall Charity:

FeedbackHall intends to give back to the society by supporting consumers and businesses alike. Feedbackhall will conduct activities addressing the needs of local communities including access to information, education, local economic development and freedom of expression. The firm will also support charitable organisations and FeedbackHall will offer free consultations, Feedback service, customer relationship management and other capacity development programmes to SMEs. While there is plan to allocate a certain percentage of company equity to FeedbackHall Charity, the initiative is currently funded by donations from FeedbackHall directors, staff and partners. So far, feedbackhall charity has supported researches and funded conferences on How Nigeria can recover from the impacts of COVID. Members of the FeedbackHall community are also eligible to apply and benefit from the FeedbackHall charity while elite members may recommend NGOs and individuals to benefit from the Charity.

Get a VIP experience with athletes, musicians, artists and good brands

The Blue, Emerald, Gold and Elite members of the FeedbackHall community gets a chance to attend and have a VIP experience of high class social events organised anywhere in Nigeria. In addition the Blue, Emerald, Gold and Elite members are also qualified to win free movie tickets to any movie of their choice for themselves and a friend. The selection process will be a biannual organised draw after which the winner emerges. A winner who is unable to attend has a right to transfer the experience to someone else or donate it to the FeedbackHall charity.

Become a FeedbackHall Ambassador

FeedbackHall selects ambassadors from its community and not outside the community. When a member of the FeedbackHall community reaches the Gold and Elite levels, he/she has a chance to become an ambassador of FeedbackHall. The member may indicate interest to become an ambassador and our Firm may also request a member to become our ambassador. Either way, the candidate will be thoroughly assessed by the FeedbackHall Team. Ambassadors are entitled to some incentives from the company and  are expected to be the face and voice of FeedbackHall anywhere and anytime, increase the company’s awareness through various media and social platforms, communicate the values, vision and goals of the company to consumers, and represent FeedbackHall at events when the need arises. An ambassador must have good communication and networking skills, as well as a strong presence on social media.

Get free access to FeedbackHall reports

Gold and Elite members of the FeedbackHall community get free access to all FeedbackHall reports. They get first access to news on the latest development concerning FeedbackHall. 

Receive occasional birthday gifts

The Gold and Elite members of the FeedbackHall community will occasionally receive birthday gifts from FeedbackHall. The recipients of the gifts will be selected at random every month. Elite members can choose what gifts they prefer and can also request for their gifts to be monetised and sent to them.

Recommend beneficiaries for FeedbackHall charity

FeedbackHall is responsible for selecting beneficiaries of the Charity and selection will be based on need and impact. However, Elites are also privileged to recommend individuals NGOs or SMEs to benefit from the charity. Beneficiaries will be thoroughly assessed by the FeedbackHall Team before they receive sponsorship, grant, or awards.   (Refer to the “Benefit from the FeedbackHall Charity above”).

 Join FeedbackHall Community Council:

FeedbackHall will have a Community Council (FCC) to support the firm’s Management. The Council will hold annual or biannual meetings to assess, reflect and brainstorm with a view to providing valuable insights on how FeedbackHall can do better to satisfy the needs of consumers and businesses. The FCC meetings (Travels, accommodation, feeding and honorarium) will be adequately financed by FeedbackHall. Every Elite member of the FeedbackHall community has opportunity to join the FCC. An elite member may indicate interest to join FCC, be nominated by other elites or appointed by the management of feedbackhall for tenure of two years. Members of the Council also enjoy all expense paid trip and VIP access to FeedbackHall events.


  • Any account that is not active for up to a month will not be eligible for any of the upgrader rewards.
  • As you work up the ranks, please ensure that all your feedback and comments are Genuine, independent, comprehensive and objective (GICO). Non-GICO contributions will be deleted and the points will no longer count.
  • Intentional abuse of our platforms will lead to deactivation of a user’s account. Please read the terms of service on https://www.feedbackhall.com/terms-of-service and the contents guideline on https://www.feedbackhall.com/Content-guidelines

Earn Points and enjoy your rewards now