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Ishaya Musa


26 January, 2019
I thought I would find channels here to review it directly. Channels is always showing news about election. and they keep showing it and repeating it from evening to over night. Those news are very stressful - Buhari this, CJN that - its stresses me up whenever I switch to channels. Don't make your channel too stressful Please add something fun.


Air Peace
26 January, 2019 Share what is on the body of the food pack
Nice airline with good pilots but you usually share packet juice and cake and small biscuit but you use to show picture like semo and vegetable soup on the pack and when I open it I see only snacks. When are you going to start sharing the semo and soup? or are you already giving semo to business class?


Fine Brothers
20 March, 2019
I like fine brothers. Even as they are small but very efficient and wide spreading. Fine brothers needs to improve in terms of variety of phones in your stores. They are really limited sometimes. Twice now I couldn't find the kind I wanted.