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  • Ability to provide reliable electric service
  • Ability to restore electric after outage
  • Staff courtesy and helpfulness
  • Understanding the bill
  • Support of local communities and green programmes

Brief Description

Founded: 2014
Office Address:
MTN Nigeria Communications Limited, 4 Aromire Street, Off Kingsway, Road, Ikoyi, Lagos


To lead the delivery of a bold, new digital world to customers

To make customers’ lives a whole lot brighter.


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Customer Reviews & Posts

Egbula Chidinma 1 rated it 9 March, 2019

I no longer know darkness. Thanks to Lumos. But MTN needs to upgrade it to be able to carry fan, at least. People can pay more for bigger system Only bulbs and charging is too small.
Ogungbire ayo 1 review 1 October, 2018

I still love the idea of recharging till a particular time to use as a means of subsidizing the initial price and make solar system more available for people
Adesola Amber 1 rated it 2 August, 2018

Small but reliable power supply

This MTN solar system is good and reliable only that it doesn't carry much. Ordinary television it doesn't carry. So that "I better pass my neighbour" generator better pass am well well in terms of capacity but with the MTN lumos, you get light when you need it without ... read more
Uttom Kate 1 rated it 25 June, 2018

I appreciate the prompt response from MTN when the system has issues.


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