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Category: Retail shops (Stores and Supermarkets)

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  • Merchandise availability, variety, selection
  • Store layout and cleanliness
  • Staff courtesy and helpfulness
  • Location of store and hours of operation
  • Frequency of sale and promotion
  • Speed of making payment

Brief Description

Head Address: 6 Market Road, Ogui, Besides State Library, Enugu.
Business Hours:
Monday- Friday     8 AM - 5 PM

Phone Number: (+234) 8035559198, +2348159093252


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Customer Reviews & Posts

Osakwe Marthamatty 1 rated it 30 March, 2019

Good prices

Fine brothers, even though big, still sell their products on fair prices and their return policy is legit.
Musa Ishaya 1 rated it 20 March, 2019

I like fine brothers. Even as they are small but very efficient and wide spreading. Fine brothers needs to improve in terms of variety of phones in your stores. They are really limited sometimes. Twice now I couldn't find the kind I wanted.
Ibikunle Abdulfattah 1 rated it 28 September, 2018

Nice product ever