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Category: Malt-Based Drinks

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Brief Description

Manufacturer: Nigerian Breweries Plc
Launched: 1991
Size: 33cl bottles and cans.
Address: Iganmu House, Abebe Village Road, Iganmu, Lagos
Tel: + 234-1-2717400


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Customer Reviews & Posts

Akin Ola 1 rated it 23 November, 2018

've always loved Hi malt.The taste is always so refreshing, I just love the satisfaction it gives me.
Zubairu Jamila 1 rated it 19 September, 2018

Best malt ever, keep you refreshing
Ayantoyinbo Oluwaseun 1 review 12 September, 2018

Hi malt

Hi malt it's a nourishing drink for refreshment.
Adigun Shola 1 review 11 September, 2018

Hi malt

Hi malt is one of the drinks I like most and it's with a nourishing the body and for refreshment.
Aigbehi Edith 1 rated it 7 September, 2018

I use this drink as a refreshment even for guests. Its indeed my favorite.