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Manufacturer: DUFIL Prima Foods Plc
Incorporated: 2001
Variants: Slim and Regular
Corporate Office Address: 38, Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone: +2347000888888
Consumer Careline: 08077009000


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Bright Ekezie 1 rated it 2 May, 2019

Missing in the market

There is no more power pasta in the market. It is scarce nowadays. You hardly see one in the market. Pls let them do something.
itodo Augustine 1 review 10 January, 2019

It has much starch in it.
Godson Hilary 1 rated it 25 November, 2018

The starch in this pasta is too much.. The best way to prepare is to perboil it..
Emmanuel Ifeanyi 1 rated it 18 October, 2018

Nice pasta

yummy...nice spaghetti..taste good..
Peters ... 1 rated it 1 October, 2018

While cooking this pasta, you have to be very careful because over cooking can make it too soggy.