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Manufacturer: Nigerian Bottling Company
Launched: 2003 in Nigeria
Sizes: 1L and 250ml
Variants: Apple and Orange and blends, Citrus Burst, Berry Blast and Pineapple Punch.
Ingredients: Water, sugar (sucrose), fruit juices 43% (orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine and lime), calcium phosphate, calcium lactate, citric acid, flavourings and vitamin C.
Address: A.G Leventis building Iddo House Iddo, Lagos P.o box 1159, Nigeria
Phone: + 234 1 2706670


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Customer Reviews & Posts

Atuegbu Chidinma 1 review 27 February, 2019

This one brings back memories. Hanging out with friends or celebrating something and want to save as much as possible while having fun, try this one.
Akin Ola 1 rated it 23 November, 2018

It is the best product among the rest. It is uncomparable judging by its nutritional contents. It is lovely, lively and funfilled moment with 5 Alive Citrus Burst
Ike Chidi 1 rated it 20 November, 2018

5 alive is the best juice in Nigeria. Contains 5 powerful fruit extracts, they include: Oange , lemon , grapefruit , tangerine , and lime. All Those fruits contains vital vitamins and minerals that is essential for the body. I love it.
Oluwasina Damilola 1 rated it 9 November, 2018

Good drinks free of alcohol. Contains vitamins and minerals for healthy living. I love the taste, it is very good anytime of the day especially when it's chill
Akinwumi Isaiah 1 rated it 7 November, 2018

5 Alive is fantastic.... Non Alcoholic , simply juice, tasty with adequate useful vitamin.... It is good looking and doesn't leak, it commands big respect among others yet cheap.


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