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  • Staff - Politeness, helpfulness and respect
  • ATM, POS, e-banking
  • Branch spread
  • Speed of transaction
  • Loans
  • Tangibles - cleanliness & appearance
  • Understanding account information

Brief Description

Founded: 1894
Branches: Over 750
International Subsidiaries: London and Paris, Republic of Congo, Ghana, The Gambia, Guinea, Sierra-Leone and Senegal, Johannesburg, Beijing and Abu Dhabi.
Headquarters:  Samuel Asabia House, 35 Marina, Lagos
+234 1 052326; +234 1 9052000
USSD Code: *894# (for transfer, airtime, bill payments, account balance, etc)


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Customer Reviews & Posts

Musa Ishaya 1 rated it 7 May, 2019

Strong but archaic

I like First bank because I always feel that my money is safe inside there. But, their services are so archaic - the people and the banking halls and the processes. Who says an organisation cannot be old and modern at same time? Please thush up.
Ene Mark 1 rated it 27 March, 2019

Please increase the size of your banking halls. They are always too tiny and get more people to work on your counters. I like your services though just that I don't like to see myself and other customers queuing until the line will bend 3 times.
Eneh Thelma 1 rated it 14 February, 2019

Their services is okay but they charges me a lot. Such as ATM maintenance fee and monthly due. Sometimes they deduct me with dispensing cash. And their network are sometimes slow
itodo Augustine 1 review 20 January, 2019

The one and only thing first bank needs to improve on is to start operating a zero account for students.
Ajibo collins 1 rated it 2 January, 2019

Great bank. Ancient. Problems:They always have crowd in the bank yet find it difficult to adjust to satisfy customers better. Don't easily embrace technologies