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Category: Drinks - Malt-Based

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Manufacturer: International Breweries Plc
Registered Office: 22/36 Glover Road, Ikoyi-Lagos.


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Customer Reviews & Posts

Awoniyi Omotola 1 rated it 30 July, 2019

This is my best brink. I enjoy it so much. Out of all the malts I prefer beta malt, its taste is great.......
Okwuriego juliet 1 review 30 April, 2019

beta malt is better indeed, I love the malt.
Eze sopulu 1 review 25 November, 2018

A very nice malt drink but its now very scares in the market setting
Akin Ola 1 rated it 7 November, 2018

some malt extract beverages are not a significant source of protein but I love beta malt because it may help provide a small amount of these essential nutrients, boosting your intake.
Emmanuel Ifeanyi 1 review 18 October, 2018

nice malt

New product compared with other older ones .....taste nice..