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Manufacturer: Spring Waters Nigeria Limited
Head Quarters: 4/6 Beach Road, Jos, Plateau State.
Telephone: +234 73 462219
Fax: +234 73 458589


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Customer Reviews & Posts

itodo Augustine 1 review 8 November, 2018

Good for family use
Iwer Japhet 1 rated it 30 September, 2018

Our family table water,, the richness in taste of swan water means I can't think about another
Obabiele Lawrence 1 review 18 September, 2018

It taste nice, odourless, colourless , and tasteless. Relatively cheap and easy to be held onto to various places without fear of linkage to quench taste whenever needed.
Yunusa Sanni 1 rated it 18 September, 2018

Nice one
Idris Khadijah 1 rated it 17 September, 2018

Swan table water... it taste good and it's odourless and spotless.