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Anaetu Chinyere 1 review 6 May, 2019

Nice Fragrance

Dettol skin care has a beautiful long lasting smell. Above all, it is soft on the skin.
Itodo Joseph 1 review 15 October, 2018

The antiseptic effect of detol is quit commedable and it's one product that has retain it quality for a long time now
Iyamu Felix 1 rated it 11 October, 2018

Quality n germs fighting

Dettol will ever be green became the quality of the product is always the best and stands the test of time .the fragrant is so unique and the ability to fight germs makes it more relevant. Its the best
Olajide samuel 1 rated it 29 September, 2018

Dettol has always been known for quality products and still, they never depreciate but rather make their products better and very trusted by family. Dettol skin care gives maximum protection again germs and very effective against Bacteria
Opene Chidera 1 rated it 28 September, 2018

100% skin care and also fight germs


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