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Manufacturer: Rite Foods Limited.
Sizes: 60cl & 150cl
Address: 40 Opebi Road, Adebola House, Ikeja, Lagos
Tel: +2349053804042, +2349053804050  


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Customer Reviews & Posts

Ogungbire ayo 1 review 7 November, 2018

bigi products are okay,talk of bigi gala and the bigi coke.gaining Nigeria market, tumbs up
Opene Chidera 1 rated it 28 September, 2018

Clear water and tasteless
Ayoade Grace 1 rated it 16 September, 2018

The pure taste this water achieved within a short period of time is quite impressive. I also love the fact that it can be bought anywhere.
cole eliza 1 rated it 31 August, 2018

Best drinking water ever! i think you deserve some accolades

Rite Bigi Bottle Water
Eze sopulu 1 review 31 August, 2018

very nice one