2020 International Conference on Covid-19

The issue of Africa’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has dominated discussions in many platforms with hardly a systematic and research-based response.

In view of our commitment to providing consumer intelligence that can be used to create better experiences for everyone, we are partnering with the Association for the Promotion of African Studies to organize an international conference on COVID-19.

The conference will bring together reputable scholars that will interrogate and explain the impact and implications of COVID-19 pandemic for African societies and the way forward. The theme of the Conference is: The Impact of Covid-19 on Africa and the Quest for Afrocentric Perspectives, scheduled to hold 17th September, 2020 (Please see flyer for further details).

FeedbackHall will Support members to participate in the conference.

FeedbackHall will assist her members who are interested in participating in the conference and those who are interested in conducting studies related to sub-theme 5 (COVID-19: Consumer behaviour and experiences in Africa) by paying the conference participation fees and publications fees if articles are accepted for publication in the Journal of African Studies and Sustainable Development.

To indicate interest, kindly email contact@feedbackhall.com