Empowering Consumers Everywhere



Our core values guide how we think and what we do every day as we work to actualise our mission. Hence, our 5 PILLARS:

OPENNESS - We encourage our users to be themselves and to be bold but at the same time, honest and constructive in their communications. We do our best to be as open as possible and that is why our systems are fully automated, publishing reviews instantly as is.

TRUST- People need to trust the information they find on feedbackhall. We believe that engendering trust in the community is a collective responsibility and we take the lead by constantly working hard to build and sustain credibility for our services by maintaining high professional standards. We trust that our users are genuine consumers who respect our policies but we know that not all our users will comply with all our policies all the time. That is why we set up a smart and courageous Content Compliance Team to detect fake reviews, investigate flagged reviews and spot other abuse of our community.

TEAMWORK AND COLLABORATION - We believe in a community where people help each other. Building such communities requires teamwork among Feedback Hall's people as well as strong collaboration between Feedbck Hall and its various stakeholders.

INCLUSIVENESS - We believe that our services should be available to all consumers irrespective of physical, physiological, social or economic status. Based on this belief, we provide our services to all consumers FREE and every business can read the posts and respond FREE.

INNOVATION - We ensure that our activities and those of our users provide reliable and useful data and information that facilitate learning for  various stakeholders. Business owners can initiate and carry out user-centered innovations. We will also continue to make efforts to provide innovative services that satisfy the needs of our users.