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Udo Ebirim reviewed
Access Bank

I hope access bank that have taken over diamond will be nice to students like diamond? Diamond bank was student friendly. They allow us to open account without money.

Idris-Ayodele Adama reviewed
Dana Air

I like your meal pack. Two different snacks with water. Dont keep it up, do more!

Smart G. reviewed
Auto Star

The best

Thank you Auto star for your smart, comfortable services. You are the best!

Nosakhare Collins reviewed

You need to try to work when it is raining as we are entering raining season now. We don't want our subscription to waste.

Chukwunyiliazi Chiemerie reviewed

I phone 7plus is a nice phone that posses all the qualities needed in a phone , but my problem is the price issue..They should put more effort in making their product affordable .

Chiemerie Chukwunyiliazi

anih loveth reviewed

Bad network availability and speed

Glo network is good in terms of giving data and bonuses but is very slow when it comes to browsing. For example I have been trying to check into this website for four days now and today it finally went. This is very bad and annoying and to think I ... read more

Osakwe Marthamatty reviewed
Access Bank


Access bank is one the best bank I've experienced so far. Conducive environment for customers and good customer services... Their online services is on point.

Osakwe Marthamatty reviewed
Fine Brothers

Good prices

Fine brothers, even though big, still sell their products on fair prices and their return policy is legit.

Temi duro reviewed

Nice phone with good battery but the charging port needs to be improved, mine is always having issues.

Ene Mark reviewed
First Bank

Please increase the size of your banking halls. They are always too tiny and get more people to work on your counters. I like your services though just that I don't like to see myself and other customers queuing until the line will bend 3 times.

Agoha Prince reviewed

Really nice product. Easy to carry, gud features

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