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Mohammed Hassan 1 reviewed

Best data service with good network coverage and must confess to be a beneficiary of this amazing airtel data promo offer of 5gb for #1500 and many offer.

Awoniyi Omotola 1 reviewed
Beta Malt

This is my best brink. I enjoy it so much. Out of all the malts I prefer beta malt, its taste is great.......

Bright Ekezie 1 reviewed
Peace Mass Transit Limited


Pls the management should look into this matter on managering the transport company. The bus I enter last two weeks ago break down nkwo-nike road from Nsukka going to Owerri, we stayed up to 2hours before the send another bus for us. Pls they should do something.

obialor blessing 1 reviewed
Access Bank

i think the merger of diamond and access bank is really nice. as a customer of diamond bank i must confess that their services have improved and am impressed.

Kenechukwu Chinaza 1 reviewed


It don't show some stations, it should be more broad

Anaetu Chinyere 1 reviewed
GT Bank

Great ATM Service

GTB has a very good ATM service even when you are using their ATM card on other bank's ATM. It hardly fails and always on point. Even their USSD code is very efficient. Their internet banking is OK.

Ameh Williams 1 reviewed
Tecno Pouvoir 2 Pro

Tecno pouvoir 2 pro is the very first tecno smart phone am getting to use now and must commend that after i was encouraged by a friend.. The phone is superb 👌🏻

Anaetu Chinyere 1 reviewed
Overland Airlines

Overland Airways is one of the best airlines in terms of good service delivery. However, they should increase their routes.

Star Lucky 1 reviewed
Guinness Africa Special

Real African special

Rich refreshing and satisfying taste. I love this drink

Uttom Kate 1 reviewed
Overland Airlines

Tiny aircrafts

your aircrafts are too small. The size makes it scary. Cant you get bigger ones?

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